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Charles Oliveira Vs Islam Makhachev Full Fight

Charles Oliveira vs Islam Makhachev Full Fight: A Battle for Lightweight Supremacy


The world of mixed martial arts (MMA) is no stranger to epic showdowns that pit two elite fighters against each other. And when it comes to the lightweight division, Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev are undoubtedly two of the biggest names in the game. In this article, we delve into the thrilling encounter between Oliveira and Makhachev, analyzing their styles, techniques, and the outcome of their highly anticipated battle for lightweight supremacy.

Fight Night Preparations

Months of rigorous training and preparation led both Oliveira and Makhachev to the octagon on that fateful night. Oliveira, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt with an incredible submission game, hoped to showcase his skills and claim his stake as one of the best lightweights in history. Makhachev, hailing from Dagestan, Russia, trained under the tutelage of Khabib Nurmagomedov, known for his unmatched grappling expertise.

Training Camps and Strategies

Oliveira, fighting out of the renowned Chute Boxe Academy, meticulously worked on enhancing his striking capabilities while maintaining his ground prowess. He focused on improving his movement, footwork, and defensive abilities to nullify Makhachev’s aggressive style and powerful takedowns. Utilizing his reach advantage, Oliveira sought to keep Makhachev at a distance and land punishing strikes whenever the opportunity arose.

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Makhachev, on the other hand, possessed a striking style that was equally adept as his ground game. Trained at the world-famous American Kickboxing Academy, he honed his precision punches and dynamic footwork. Makhachev’s strategy was to pressure Oliveira constantly, disrupt his rhythm, and force him into grappling exchanges where he could showcase his elite wrestling and submission skills.

The Fight: Round by Round

Round 1

As the bell rang, Oliveira and Makhachev wasted no time engaging in the center of the octagon. Oliveira displayed his agility, using his movement to avoid Makhachev’s initial onslaught while landing crisp jabs and leg kicks. However, Makhachev’s relentless pressure eventually paid off, leading to a takedown that showcased his elite grappling skills. Makhachev controlled Oliveira on the ground, successfully passing his guard and landing some brutal ground and pound. Oliveira, known for his resilience and submission abilities, managed to survive the round, displaying incredible heart and determination.

Round 2

The second round opened with an intense exchange of strikes. Oliveira, using his range and superior striking accuracy, began to find his rhythm. He landed a devastating right hook that caught Makhachev off guard, staggering him momentarily. Sensing an opportunity, Oliveira unleashed a barrage of strikes, causing Makhachev to retreat. However, Makhachev quickly recovered and took the fight back to the ground, where he controlled Oliveira for the majority of the round. Oliveira showcased his defensive abilities, avoiding significant damage while attempting to lock in submission holds that would completely change the course of the fight.

Round 3

Entering the final round, both fighters knew they needed a definitive performance to secure victory. Oliveira came out with a renewed sense of determination, his striking becoming more focused and accurate. Makhachev, aware of Oliveira’s striking prowess, wisely opted to use his wrestling to control the Brazilian on the mat. The grappling exchanges were intense, with Oliveira showcasing his submission skills with multiple close attempts. However, Makhachev’s defensive prowess and positioning ultimately prevented Oliveira from securing a fight-ending submission.

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Round 4

As the championship rounds began, fatigue started to creep in for both fighters. Oliveira showed his heart and resilience, refusing to let his opponent dictate the pace. His strikes became more calculated and impactful, landing a series of elbows that visibly hurt Makhachev. The crowd erupted as Oliveira found his rhythm, launching a high kick that connected flush with Makhachev’s jaw, sending him crashing to the canvas. The referee quickly stepped in, ending the fight and declaring Charles Oliveira the winner by knockout.

Closing Remarks

The fight between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev will be remembered as a classic battle between two highly skilled lightweight contenders. Oliveira’s striking acumen and Makhachev’s grappling dominance provided fans with an enthralling spectacle. Oliveira’s victory solidified his claim as a top contender in the division, while Makhachev showcased his tenacity and determination despite falling short on the night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who won the fight between Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev?

Charles Oliveira won the fight by knockout in the fourth round.

2. What is Charles Oliveira’s fighting style?

Charles Oliveira is known for his exceptional Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills and submission game, but he has also developed impressive striking abilities.

3. Where is Islam Makhachev from?

Islam Makhachev hails from Dagestan, Russia.

4. What is the significance of this fight for the lightweight division?

This fight showcased the incredible talent and skill within the lightweight division, with both Oliveira and Makhachev being top contenders for the lightweight championship.

5. Will there be a rematch between Oliveira and Makhachev?

While a rematch is always a possibility in the future, it ultimately depends on the circumstances and the fighters’ respective paths within the division.

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Overall, Charles Oliveira versus Islam Makhachev was an unforgettable clash between two elite fighters battling for lightweight supremacy. The fight exemplified the best aspects of MMA, combining striking, grappling, and heart-stopping action. Fans of the sport eagerly await the future endeavors of both Oliveira and Makhachev as they continue to make their mark in the dynamic world of mixed martial arts.


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