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Eden Prairie Islamic Center

The Eden Prairie Islamic Center: A Community Hub for Muslims in Minnesota

Located in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, the Eden Prairie Islamic Center (EPIC) stands as a beacon of spirituality, education, and community service for Muslims in Minnesota. Since its establishment in 2004, EPIC has played a significant role in fostering a sense of belonging and providing a range of resources for individuals of all ages.

The Journey of EPIC: From Humble Beginnings to a Vibrant Center

The story of the Eden Prairie Islamic Center is one of resilience and determination. In its early years, EPIC operated out of a small rented space, accommodating only a handful of worshippers. However, with the influx of Muslim families into the area and their growing needs, the center quickly outgrew its humble beginnings.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of its community members and generous contributions, EPIC was able to secure a larger property and construct a purpose-built facility in 2010. Today, the center stands as a multi-functional complex with a spacious prayer hall, classrooms, a library, and various other amenities.

A Welcoming Sanctuary for Prayer and Reflection

The prayer hall at EPIC is a tranquil space that can accommodate up to 1,000 worshippers. With its high ceilings, elegant calligraphy, and a soothing atmosphere, the prayer hall serves as a sanctuary for daily prayers, Friday congregational prayers (Jumu’ah), and other special religious events.

EPIC offers a diverse range of programs and services to meet the needs of its congregation. From regular sermons and lectures delivered by knowledgeable scholars to Quranic classes and spiritual retreats, the center provides ample opportunities for individuals to deepen their understanding of Islam and strengthen their relationship with Allah.

EPIC also actively engages in interfaith dialogue and collaborates with other religious institutions in the wider community. By fostering mutual respect and understanding, the center aims to contribute to an atmosphere of harmony and coexistence.

Education: Nurturing the Minds of the Future Generation

Recognizing the importance of education, EPIC places a strong emphasis on fostering intellectual growth and religious literacy among Muslim youth. The center operates a full-time Islamic school, EPIC Academy, which offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates both secular and Islamic education.

In addition to the formal education provided by EPIC Academy, the center organizes various educational programs and activities throughout the year. These include summer camps, workshops, and youth conferences, all of which aim to empower the younger generation with knowledge, leadership skills, and a deep-rooted understanding of their faith.

A Thriving Community Center that Transcends Religious Boundaries

EPIC is more than just a place of worship—it is a thriving community center that caters to the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The center hosts a wide array of social and recreational activities, including sports tournaments, cultural events, and community service initiatives.

The Eden Prairie Islamic Center takes great pride in its open-door policy, welcoming individuals of all faiths to explore and learn about Islam. EPIC regularly organizes open houses, where visitors can engage in discussions, ask questions, and gain a firsthand experience of the Islamic faith.

Furthermore, the center actively participates in charitable endeavors both locally and globally. EPIC runs a food shelf, collaborates with local organizations to provide support to the less fortunate, and donates to humanitarian causes around the world.


What are the prayer timings at EPIC?

The prayer timings at EPIC follow the Fiqh Council of North America’s guidelines. They can be accessed on EPIC’s official website or by contacting the center directly.

Does EPIC offer marriage services?

Yes, EPIC offers marriage services, including premarital counseling, solemnization of marriages, and marriage certificate processing. Interested individuals can reach out to the center to inquire about the specific requirements and procedures.

Is EPIC open to non-Muslim visitors?

Absolutely! EPIC warmly welcomes non-Muslim visitors to explore and understand Islam. The center regularly organizes open houses and events that provide an opportunity for individuals from all faiths to learn about the Islamic faith.

Does EPIC have a separate area for women?

Yes, EPIC has designated prayer spaces for women, along with separate entrances, ablution facilities, and other amenities to ensure their comfort and privacy.

In Conclusion

The Eden Prairie Islamic Center stands as a symbol of unity, faith, and community. With its engaging programs, educational initiatives, and commitment to outreach, EPIC serves as a vital resource for Muslims in Minnesota and beyond. By nurturing the minds of the future generation and promoting interfaith dialogue, the center continues to build bridges and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding in a diverse society.

Whether providing spiritual solace, offering education, or engaging in charitable endeavors, EPIC exemplifies the essence of Islamic teachings and serves as an inspiration for communities worldwide.

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