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Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc

Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc: A Hub of Faith, Community, and Service

Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc (EICI) is a prominent Islamic organization that serves as a spiritual, educational, and community center for Muslims residing in Elmhurst and its surrounding areas. Established in 1995, EICI has evolved into a dynamic institution that provides a range of services and activities to nurture the growth of individuals and strengthen the bonds of the Muslim community. With its commitment to faith, unity, and service, EICI has become a beacon of light for Muslims in the region.

Overview of Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc

EICI is located in the heart of Elmhurst, a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in Queens, New York. The center features a masjid (mosque), a multi-purpose hall, classrooms, and various other facilities to accommodate the needs of its community members. EICI’s mission is to provide Muslims with a place to worship, learn, and engage in activities that promote Islamic values and teachings.

Religious Services and Programs

At the core of EICI’s offerings are its religious services and programs, designed to meet the spiritual needs of Muslims of all ages. The masjid conducts daily prayers, jummah (Friday) prayers, and taraweeh prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. Additionally, the center organizes special events and lectures, inviting renowned Islamic scholars to enlighten the community with their knowledge and wisdom.

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Furthermore, EICI offers various educational programs to foster a deeper understanding of Islam. These programs include Quran and Arabic classes for children and adults, Islamic studies classes, and sessions on the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the history of Islam. By providing educational opportunities, EICI empowers individuals to connect with their faith and learn about the teachings of Islam.

Community Engagement and Outreach

EICI recognizes the importance of community engagement and actively promotes unity and cohesion among its members. The center hosts social events, family nights, and picnics, allowing individuals and families to bond and strengthen their relationships. Moreover, EICI actively participates in interfaith dialogue and collaborates with other religious and community organizations to build bridges of understanding and promote harmony.

In addition to internal community engagement, EICI strives to serve the broader community through various outreach initiatives. The center organizes blood drives, food drives, and charitable events to assist those in need. EICI also offers assistance to new Muslim converts, providing them with support, guidance, and resources on their journey of faith.

Women’s Programs and Empowerment

EICI recognizes the vital role of women within the Muslim community and aims to provide a nurturing and empowering environment for them. The center organizes women-specific programs, seminars, and panel discussions on topics such as spiritual growth, parenting, and women’s rights in Islam.

Moreover, EICI has a dedicated women’s prayer area within the masjid and offers women-only classes and events. By creating spaces and opportunities exclusively for women, EICI aims to enhance their Islamic knowledge, strengthen their faith, and promote their active participation in the community.

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1. Is Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc open to non-Muslims?

Yes, Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc warmly welcomes non-Muslims to learn about Islam, attend events, and engage in interfaith dialogue.

2. Is there a dress code for visitors to the Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc?

Visitors are requested to dress modestly when visiting the masjid or attending events at Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc. This includes covering the shoulders, knees, and avoiding revealing clothing.

3. Can I donate to Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc?

Yes, donations are accepted and appreciated at Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc. The donations help fund the various services, programs, and charitable initiatives organized by the center.

4. How can I get involved with Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc?

Individuals interested in getting involved with Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc can reach out to the center’s management to inquire about volunteer opportunities, membership, or joining specific programs or committees.

5. Are there any youth-specific programs at Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc?

Yes, Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc offers a range of programs catering specifically to the needs and interests of young Muslims. These include youth camps, educational sessions, recreational activities, and leadership development programs.

Closing Thoughts

Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc serves as a true pillar of faith, community, and service for Muslims residing in Elmhurst and its surrounding areas. Through its diverse range of religious and educational services, community engagement initiatives, and programs for women and youth, EICI strives to foster an environment that nurtures personal and spiritual growth. The center’s commitment to unity, interfaith dialogue, and outreach initiatives also highlights its dedication to serving humanity and making a positive impact on the broader community. Whether you are seeking a place of worship, an opportunity to learn about Islam, or a platform for community engagement, Elmhurst Islamic Center Inc welcomes you with open arms.


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