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If you want to rule the world, Muslims must be smart and rich

If you want to rule the world, Muslims must be smart and rich

If you want to rule the world, Muslims must be smart and rich
If you want to rule the world, Muslims must be smart and rich
Ali Fauzi prepares material for the Saturday routine reading of the PRM Bulak Banteng Attaqwa Pioneer Mosque. 

“Jews and Christians want to eliminate the faith of the believers because of envy and jealousy in their hearts. Jews and Christians will not be willing to follow the Christian millah. How can they mislead the believers.”

This was delivered by the Head of Kenjeran Muhammadiyah Branch, Ali Fauzi, at the Saturday Attaqwa Perintis PRM Bulak Banteng Mosque routine study event at At Taqwa Perintis Mosque, Kenjeran, Saturday (23/9).

Ali Fauzi continued, currently Jews and Christians dominate the world. They can dominate the world from culture to technology. They do not realize that what they do will come back to themselves. Because in fact their envy destroys their own lives.

“Jews and Christians know the character of Prophet Muhammad that has been mentioned in their books, but they try their best to hide the truth,” stressed the Head of SMP Muhammadiyah 16 Semampir Surabaya.

According to him, Jewish priests who still believe in the Torah also believe in the truth of the Quran regarding the apostleship of the Prophet Muhammad. “Jews and Christians are commanded to believe in the morning, but in the evening they disbelieve again. “So, it’s as if they believed in the prophet, followed the morning prayer, but in the afternoon they disobeyed again,” he said.

Ali Fauzi explained, their purpose is to give understanding that what religious followers do is not correct, the religion brought by Prophet Muhammad is still not perfect. They understand that they can still convert.

During the colonial era, he continued, Muslims continued to lose because they were easily lied to. The reason is that they don’t have enough knowledge and don’t need to learn other knowledge other than just learning to read the Quran, so their understanding of religion is still low.

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“It is not enough that we just have faith, but also knowledge so that we are not easily lied to and deceived by them. “What is said is not the same as what is done, what the Jews do is not sincere, here they say this and there they say that,” he added.

At the end of his sermon, he invited the congregation to continue to strengthen themselves. “If you want to be strong, believers should not be stupid and poor. “So, if you want to rule the world, you need to be smart and rich,” he added. (Habibie/US)


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