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Islamic Finder St Louis Mo

Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO: A Comprehensive Guide to Islamic Resources and Services

Welcome to the vibrant and diverse Muslim community of St. Louis, Missouri. With its rich history, thriving cultural scene, and welcoming atmosphere, St. Louis has become a hub for Muslims from various backgrounds to come together and practice their faith. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO, an essential resource for Muslims living in the area. From mosques and educational institutions to social services and community events, Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO offers a comprehensive range of services and support for the local Muslim population.

1. Mosques in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is home to several mosques, where Muslims can gather for daily prayers, Friday sermons, and various religious and community activities. Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO provides a comprehensive list of mosques in the area, along with their addresses, contact information, and prayer timings. Whether you are a resident or a visitor to St. Louis, the Islamic Finder website or app can help you locate the nearest mosque and provide you with accurate prayer times to facilitate your worship.

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1.1. Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis

Located in Ballwin, Missouri, Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis is one of the most prominent and well-established mosques in the area. With a spacious prayer hall, dedicated educational facilities, and a vibrant community center, the Islamic Foundation provides a wide range of services to cater to the needs of the local Muslims. The mosque offers daily prayers, Quranic classes, weekend schools for children, and various educational programs for adults.

1.2. Dar Al-Jalal Masjid

Nestled in the heart of St. Louis, Dar Al-Jalal Masjid serves as a spiritual and community center for Muslims living in the downtown area. The mosque hosts daily prayers, conducts Quranic recitation classes, and organizes community outreach programs. With its central location, Dar Al-Jalal Masjid is easily accessible to residents and visitors alike.

2. Islamic Education in St. Louis, MO

Islamic education plays a crucial role in nurturing the faith and values of individuals within the Muslim community. Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO provides a directory of educational institutions offering Islamic studies, Quranic memorization, and other essential knowledge for Muslims of all ages.

2.1. Madrasah Al-Iman

Madrasah Al-Iman is a renowned Islamic school in St. Louis, MO, dedicated to providing quality education in an Islamic environment. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes Quranic studies, Islamic morals, Arabic language, and general academics. Madrasah Al-Iman focuses on fostering a strong sense of identity and faith among its students, preparing them to become well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.

2.2. Al-Salam Day School

Al-Salam Day School is an Islamic school located in the Chesterfield area of St. Louis, MO. With its emphasis on academic excellence and Islamic values, Al-Salam Day School offers a unique learning experience for students from preschool through eighth grade. The school’s curriculum includes core subjects such as Math, English, and Science, alongside Islamic studies and Arabic language classes, giving students a well-rounded education.

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3. Community Services and Social Initiatives

Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO also highlights the various community services and social initiatives undertaken by the Muslim community in St. Louis. From food pantries and homeless shelters to healthcare services and refugee assistance programs, these initiatives aim to serve the wider community while exemplifying the core values of Islam.

3.1. Islamic Foundation Social Services

Islamic Foundation Social Services is a non-profit organization in St. Louis, MO, dedicated to providing essential support and assistance to those in need. The organization operates various programs, including a food pantry, homeless shelter, healthcare clinic, and legal aid services. Through its services, Islamic Foundation Social Services strives to alleviate the hardships faced by vulnerable individuals and families, irrespective of their faith or background.

3.2. Islamic Relief USA – St. Louis Office

Islamic Relief USA is a global humanitarian organization that assists communities affected by natural disasters, poverty, and conflict. The St. Louis office of Islamic Relief USA works tirelessly to raise funds, organize volunteers, and implement projects that address the needs of vulnerable populations both locally and abroad. Through their initiatives, Islamic Relief USA aims to empower individuals and help build resilient communities.

4. Community Events and Celebrations

In addition to religious observances, the Muslim community in St. Louis embraces the celebration of cultural events and festivals. Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO keeps the community updated about upcoming events, including Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha celebrations, charity fundraisers, interfaith dialogues, and educational workshops.

4.1. Muslim Art Revival

One of the most significant cultural events in St. Louis is the Muslim Art Revival, an annual exhibition that showcases the creativity and talent of Muslim artists. The event features a diverse range of artistic expressions, including traditional calligraphy, painting, sculpture, and modern installations. Muslim Art Revival not only provides a platform for artists to display their work, but it also promotes intercultural dialogue and appreciation for Islamic art and culture.

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4.2. Islamic Center of America Open House

The Islamic Center of America Open House is an event that invites people of all faiths to visit a mosque and learn about Islam firsthand. This initiative aims to foster mutual understanding and dispel misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. During the open house, visitors have the opportunity to tour the mosque, observe prayer, and engage in meaningful discussions with members of the Muslim community.


Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO serves as an indispensable resource for Muslims in the area, providing them with information about mosques, educational institutions, community services, and various events. By promoting unity, diversity, and education, Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO creates a sense of belonging and support for the vibrant Muslim community in St. Louis. Whether you are a longtime resident or a newcomer, Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO ensures that you have access to the essential resources and services needed to practice your faith and engage with the wider community.


Q: Is Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO only for Muslims?

A: While Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO primarily caters to the Muslim community, its resources and services are available to individuals of all faiths who wish to learn more about Islam or engage in interfaith dialogue.

Q: How frequently are the prayer times on Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO updated?

A: The prayer times on Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO are updated regularly to ensure accuracy and adherence to Islamic rituals. It is recommended to check the website or app for the most up-to-date prayer timings.

Q: How can I contribute to the community services and social initiatives mentioned on Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO?

A: If you are interested in contributing to the community services and social initiatives listed on Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO, you can reach out to the respective organizations directly. They will provide you with information on volunteering opportunities, donations, or any other form of support they may require.

Q: Are the educational institutions mentioned on Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO open to students of all ages?

A: Yes, the educational institutions listed on Islamic Finder St. Louis, MO cater to students of all ages, from preschool through high school. Some institutions may even offer adult education programs and continuing education courses.


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