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Jilani Name Meaning In Islam

Jilani Name Meaning In Islam

Jilani Name Meaning In Islam


In Islam, names hold great significance as they reflect the identity, values, and aspirations of individuals. Naming a child is considered a sacred responsibility that requires careful consideration. One such beautiful and meaningful name in Islam is Jilani. This article aims to explore the origin, meaning, and significance of the name Jilani in the Islamic context.


1. The Origin of the Name Jilani

The name Jilani has its roots in the Arabic language, which is widely spoken in the Muslim world. It is derived from the word “Jalal,” which means “glory” or “majesty” in Arabic. By adding the suffix “-ani” to the root word, the name Jilani is formed, implying “the one who possesses glory or majesty.”

2. The Significance of the Name Jilani in Islam

In Islamic tradition, Jilani holds special significance as it is often associated with important religious figures. One of the most renowned personalities carrying the name Jilani is Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani, a highly respected scholar, and a prominent Sufi saint. His teachings and spiritual guidance have made him a revered figure among Muslims, especially those following the Sufi path.

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3. The Meaning of the Name Jilani

The name Jilani embodies several meaningful qualities valued in Islam. It signifies glory, majesty, and power, traits often associated with Allah. It also represents the acknowledgment of the divine presence and the submission to God’s will. Those named Jilani are believed to possess a strong connection to the divine and hold an elevated spiritual status.

4. Popular Usage and Cultural Significance

The name Jilani is predominantly used as a given name for boys in Muslim-majority countries. Its popularity is rooted in the respect and admiration for Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani. Many parents name their children Jilani in the hope of carrying his virtuous qualities and spreading his teachings to future generations.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Jilani an exclusive Islamic name?

Yes, Jilani is primarily used as an Islamic name and holds particular significance within the context of Islam. It symbolizes devotion, spirituality, and submission to Allah.

Q2. Can the name Jilani be given to girls?

While the name Jilani is more commonly used for boys, there is no restriction against using it for girls. However, parents often choose alternative names such as Jalila or Jilan for girls.

Q3. What are some other names with similar meanings?

Some other names with similar meanings to Jilani include Jalal, Aziz, Kareem, and Malik. These names also encompass the idea of power, greatness, and majesty.

Q4. How can I ensure my child lives up to the meaning of the name Jilani?

Living up to the meaning of the name Jilani involves nurturing one’s character, deepening their spiritual connection with God, and following the principles of Islam. Encouraging acts of kindness, humility, and seeking knowledge will help your child embody the qualities associated with the name.

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Q5. Are there any famous individuals with the name Jilani?

As mentioned earlier, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani is the most well-known individual associated with the name Jilani. His contributions to Islamic scholarship and Sufism have left an indelible mark on Muslim history.


In conclusion, the name Jilani carries a deep significance in Islam. Its origin, meaning, and association with revered figures make it a cherished name for Muslim parents. By understanding the essence of the name Jilani and living up to its spiritual connotations, one can strive for a life filled with glory, majesty, and an unwavering connection with the divine.


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