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Redeemed Muslim Church Of Islam

Redeemed Muslim Church Of Islam: Uniting Faiths and Igniting Hearts

Religion has always been a powerful force in shaping societies and individuals, offering guidance and solace to millions of believers around the world. It provides the moral compass and spiritual foundation that people seek to navigate the complexities of life. In this vast mosaic of faiths, one religious institution stands out for its unique mission and practices – the Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam.

The Birth of a Unique Institution

The Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam (RMCI) originated in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, in 1989. It was founded by the visionary cleric, Sheikh AbdulRahman Sulaiman Adangba, with the aim of bridging the gap between Islam and Christianity. Adangba believed that the core principles of these two great faiths could coexist, and their followers could learn from each other’s perspectives.

The RMCI was born out of a desire to build interfaith harmony and challenge traditional religious barriers. With a humble beginning, it started as a small gathering of curious individuals eager to explore the teachings of Islam and Christianity together. Over time, it grew into a thriving community that now boasts millions of followers from all over the world.

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The Core Beliefs of RMCI

At its essence, the Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam believes in the unification of humanity through the embrace of both Islamic and Christian teachings. Adherents of the RMCI are encouraged to practice the core tenets of both religions, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for both faiths.

One of the fundamental principles of RMCI is the belief in the oneness of God. Adherents assert that Allah and the Holy Trinity of Christianity are not conflicting concepts but different expressions of the same divine presence. This unique theological perspective helps followers of RMCI to see the underlying unity in the diversity of the world’s religions.

RMCI also emphasizes the importance of prayer and worship in one’s spiritual journey. Adherents are encouraged to engage in regular Salah (Islamic prayer) and also draw inspiration from the Christian practice of praise and worship. This harmonious blend of prayer techniques allows individuals to connect with the divine in a profound and meaningful way.

Another key aspect of RMCI is the promotion of ethical conduct and moral values. The church advocates for compassion, justice, and love as the guiding principles for all believers. By embodying these virtues, followers of RMCI strive to become inclusive members of society, making positive contributions in their communities.

The Unique Practices of RMCI

While incorporating elements from both Islam and Christianity, the Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam has also developed its own distinct practices and rituals. These practices aim to create a sacred space where individuals from different backgrounds can come together and experience the transformative power of faith.

One such practice is the Jumah Qutbah (Friday Sermon) where the teachings of the Quran and the Bible are intertwined. The sermon is delivered by a knowledgeable cleric who skillfully weaves together the wisdom of both holy texts, offering a thought-provoking message that resonates with the diverse congregation.

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Another unique aspect of RMCI is the celebration of key events from both Islamic and Christian calendars. These events, such as Eid al-Fitr, Christmas, and Easter, are seen as opportunities for followers to express their devotion and reinforce the unity of faiths. The celebrations are marked by joint prayers, music, and communal feasts, fostering a spirit of togetherness and mutual respect.

RMCI also places a strong emphasis on education and knowledge acquisition. The church operates several schools and universities around the world, providing quality education to children and adults alike. These educational institutions combine Islamic teachings with a comprehensive curriculum, empowering students to excel academically while deepening their spiritual understanding.

The Impact of RMCI on Interfaith Dialogue

The Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam has made significant contributions to the realm of interfaith dialogue and understanding. Its unique approach to bridging religious gaps has inspired countless individuals to question their preconceived notions and prejudices. Through its teachings and practices, RMCI has opened up new avenues for mutual respect and collaboration between people of different faiths, promoting peace and harmony.

The teachings of RMCI have also had a profound impact on its followers, inspiring them to become ambassadors of peace and agents of positive change. Many adherents work tirelessly to build interfaith alliances, organize humanitarian initiatives, and promote dialogue at both local and global levels. Through their efforts, they strive to shape a more inclusive and tolerant world, where religious differences are celebrated rather than feared.

Closing Thoughts

The Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam stands as a testament to the power of unity and the transformative potential of interfaith engagement. It serves as a guiding light for those searching for a path that embraces the beauty and wisdom of different religious traditions.

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By unifying the teachings of Islam and Christianity, RMCI blurs the lines that divide us and invites individuals to embrace a more holistic understanding of faith. It ignites hearts with a passion for interfaith dialogue and fosters an environment of love and respect.


1. Is the Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam recognized by mainstream Islamic and Christian institutions?

The RMCI is an independent religious institution that has been met with mixed opinions from mainstream Islamic and Christian institutions. While some appreciate its efforts for interfaith harmony, others view it as deviant from traditional teachings. However, the RMCI continues to garner support and followers from diverse backgrounds.

2. Can one be a member of the RMCI and still practice their original faith?

Absolutely. The RMCI welcomes individuals from all religious backgrounds and encourages them to continue practicing their original faith alongside the teachings of RMCI. It seeks to enhance one’s spiritual journey rather than replacing existing beliefs.

3. Are there branches of RMCI outside of Nigeria?

Yes, the Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam has branches and followers in various countries around the world. The message of interfaith unity and harmony has resonated with individuals globally, leading to the establishment of RMCI communities beyond Nigeria.

4. Does the RMCI have a religious hierarchy?

Yes, the RMCI has a well-structured hierarchy, led by Sheikh AbdulRahman Sulaiman Adangba as the founder and spiritual leader. Under his guidance, there are regional and local leaders who oversee the activities of individual branches and communities.

5. How can one get involved with RMCI?

If you are interested in getting involved with the Redeemed Muslim Church of Islam, you can reach out to your nearest branch or community center. Alternatively, you can visit the RMCI official website and contact their administrative office for further guidance.


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