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Thousands of Boarding Schools Reject the Election Campaign in Boarding Schools

Thousands of Boarding Schools Reject the Election Campaign in Boarding Schools

Thousands of Boarding Schools Reject the Election Campaign in Boarding Schools

The Constitutional Court (MK) once allowed political campaigns to be held in schools and state facilities. A thousand pesantren expressed their disapproval of this authorized campaign.

A thousand boarding school nannies gathered at Al Muhajirin Boarding School, Purwakarta, West Java on September 22-24, 2024. The presence of the boarding school managers aimed to discuss important issues related to strengthening the independence of boarding schools for the sake of national stability. in the National Halaqah of the themed Boarding School Caregivers Fiqh Siyasah: Strengthening the Independence of Boarding Schools for National Stability.

Director of the Boarding School Development and Community Development Association (P3M), KH Sarmidi Husna said, the National Halaqah of Boarding School Caregivers that will take place on September 22-24, 2024 will discuss several important issues including the independence of boarding schools. , digital transformation in boarding schools, business incubation of boarding schools, tax justice for boarding schools. , as well as national issues such as kiai political ethics, prevention of religious-based violence, neutrality of organizers and officials in elections, national stability, and the development of national vision through the pesantren curriculum.

“In this halaqah we gather 1,000 boarding school managers in Indonesia to discuss real issues and build relationships between boarding school guardians. This national halaqah also provides an opportunity for boarding schools throughout Indonesia to share experiences, explore new innovations, and build a strong network over time a better future,” said Kiai Sarmidi, Sunday (14/9/2023).

On this occasion, Kiai Sarmidi highlighted three important issues that need to be discussed and solutions need to be formulated. First, related to taxes in boarding schools. Because boarding schools have made a great contribution to the country in educating the nation’s children. Instead of getting rewards from the government, boarding schools are burdened with paying taxes, both from the central government and the regional government.

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Often boarding schools suddenly receive a burdensome tax bill, without prior socialization and education. In this halaqah, boarding school caretakers ask the central and regional governments to immediately implement preaching and education on a large scale, before collecting boarding school taxes. Including providing tax relief and recommendations to the central government, in this case the Directorate General of Taxes (Dirjen Tax) forms tax center in a boarding school.

Sarmidi explained, secondly, about the importance of digital transformation in boarding schools. Currently, digital transformation is no longer an option, it has become a necessity, while boarding schools are currently not yet digitally literate.

“In this halaqah, boarding schools are expected to take more initiative and adapt to the digital transformation process. On the other hand, boarding school custodians encourage the government to facilitate the strengthening of digital infrastructure and ecosystems in boarding schools as a whole,” said Kiai Sarmidi.

Kiai Sarmidi added, thirdly, it is important to discuss in this forum about the 2024 General Election, where the Constitutional Court (MK) has decided that the facilities of educational institutions can be used for campaigns including boarding schools with the permission of the responsible party. (administrator of the boarding school).

Kiai Sarmidi stressed, in this halaqah, kiai sees political campaigns in boarding schools will have a negative effect, considering that campaigns in boarding schools are always to get votes, not for political education. According to boarding school caretakers, this situation can cause unrest and tension, both between boarding schools, boarding school alumni and the general public.

“The caretakers of the boarding school, therefore, reject the implementation of the campaign in the boarding school environment with consideration harmful“The benefits are much greater than the benefits,” said Kiai Sarmidi.

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P3M said that the caretakers of the boarding school from all over the country enthusiastically participated in this event in the hope that the discussions and thoughts presented by the national leaders could help them understand the role of the boarding school in the development of the country, the independence of the boarding school. in economic aspects, as well as the role of boarding schools in maintaining stability and social harmony in Indonesia.

Among the main speakers present was the Coordinating Minister of Political Affairs, Law and Security (Menkopolhukam) Mahfud MD. In this halaqah, Mahfud MD delivered fiqh siyasah or political fiqh with the theme “Strengthening the Independence of Boarding Schools for the Stability of the Nation.”

Mahfud MD said, from Pondok Pesantren Al-Muhajirin, let’s all become muhajirin. That is the people who migrated to Indonesia gold. “Indonesia Gold in Arabic is bchange thayyibatun wa rabbun ghofur,” said Mahfud MD.

This event was also attended by Dr. As’ad Said Ali (Former Deputy Head of BIN), KH Masdar Farid Mas’udi (Syrian President of PBNU), KH Dr Abun Bunyamin (Administrator of Al-Muhajirin Pesantren), Prof Waryono (Director of PD Pontren), Yon Arsal (Expert Staff Indonesian Ministry of Finance), Dr. Mohammad Syukron Habibie (Senior Vice President of BSI), Pipin Moh Saiful Arifin (Secretary of the Shariah Economic Body of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Dr Ir Mahfud (Secretary General of the Director General of Social Forestry and Environmental Partnerships of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry), KH Abdul Moqsith Ghazali (Syrian Secretary PBNU), Dr. Rumadi Ahmad, (KSP Special Staff of the Republic of Indonesia).

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