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Ulama’s advice to keep planting trees even if the branches are only used to play chameleon

Ulama’s advice to keep planting trees even if the branches are only used to play chameleon

Ulama’s advice to keep planting trees even if the branches are only used to play chameleon

I would like to begin this unique and high-quality post by discussing a topic unrelated to the environment. In recent weeks, there has been news about the closure of the TikTok store, which was a platform for buying and selling activities on social media created by China. Whether this closure was based on expert studies or due to pressure from Tanah Abang market traders remains unknown. However, the closure of the TikTok store is not the main issue here. What is concerning is the subsequent protests by Tanah Abang market traders, who are demanding the closure of other markets, claiming that it affects their earnings.

To be honest, I don’t agree with the stance taken by my fellow conventional traders in the Tanah Abang market. It goes against the principle of “al muhafadzah ‘ala qadim as salih wa al akhdzu bi al Jadid al Ashlah,” which means preserving the good of the past while embracing the better innovations of the future. I believe rejecting something beneficial that could come from the future is not a wise decision. However, it is still the responsibility of the government to provide solutions for these traders to thrive amidst the digital age. The government’s involvement is crucial in this matter.

Now, moving on from the TikTok store issue, I would like to focus on the importance of implementing rules in various sectors, inspired by the ripples caused by the social media phenomenon for sales. It is crucial for us to absorb the value of openness to new ideas and innovations, especially those that bring more benefits, while also preserving the good from the past.

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Understanding the past is an essential aspect of preserving the good it holds. For instance, UGM’s motto, “local roots,” emphasizes the significance of being rooted in one’s local heritage. By comprehending the past well, we become more resistant to being uprooted. At the same time, we should maintain an attitude of openness towards future surprises.

Apart from the TikTok store phenomenon, there is another interesting environmental issue that highlights the need for such rules. In Serbia, a country known for producing exceptional footballer Nemanja Vidic, urban areas are facing a clean air crisis. They are in dire need of oxygen, but the limited number of trees in Serbian cities impedes the purification of air pollutants. The lack of available land for planting new trees exacerbates the problem. However, Dr. Ivan found a unique solution to this predicament by creating liquid3, green tubes that function like trees. These tubes contain a mixture of water, microalgae, and a secret substance that absorbs CO2 and other pollutants, releasing fresh air. This innovation provides hope, especially for Indonesian cities facing similar air pollution issues.

Considering the future, a question arises: Do we still need to plant trees in urban cities when the air can be purified through the use of liquid3? Referring back to our previous discussion, it would be absurd to reject liquid3 entirely. If it indeed proves to be a solution for urban areas lacking the space to plant trees, it can be a way out. However, we should not be overly optimistic and conclude that planting trees is no longer necessary. Despite advancements in technology, tree planting remains crucial. As the hadith states, “No Muslim plants a tree, but what is eaten from what is planted is his charity, what is stolen from it is charity, what animals eat from it is charity, and what birds eat from it is charity. There is no loss for him but this is charity.” Therefore, trees provide various benefits beyond cleaning the air.

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Trees also hold spiritual significance. They can become a source of devotion, as depicted in the hadith. Moreover, trees offer shelter and homes to numerous creatures. When we provide a nest for an empyrean bird on the branches of our tree, we are contributing to its wellbeing and survival. Similarly, when a chameleon finds joy playing on the branches, it is another form of charity. Therefore, trees provide us with multiple opportunities to contribute to the welfare of other beings.

In conclusion, preserving the good from the past while embracing the better future is a synergistic approach. We should not cling solely to the past, but we must also welcome the future with open hearts and minds. It is crucial to remember that the process takes time, and just like how a tree needs decades to function optimally, progress will come in due time.


1. Why is the closure of the TikTok store a concern?
The closure of the TikTok store has sparked protests from Tanah Abang market traders, who believe it disrupts their earnings. This highlights the need to find a balance between embracing new innovations and considering the livelihoods of traditional traders amidst the digital age.

2. What is the motto of UGM?
UGM’s motto, “local roots,” emphasizes the importance of being rooted in one’s local heritage. Understanding the past and cultural heritage helps individuals remain resilient and resistant to being uprooted.

3. What is liquid3?
Liquid3 is a product created by Dr. Ivan in Serbia. It consists of green tubes filled with a mixture of water, microalgae, and a secret substance. These tubes function similarly to trees, absorbing CO2 and releasing fresh air, offering a solution for urban areas with limited space for planting trees.

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4. Is liquid3 a substitute for tree planting?
While liquid3 provides an innovative solution for urban areas with limited space for tree planting, it does not completely replace the need for tree planting. Trees offer various benefits beyond just cleaning the air and contribute to the welfare and ecosystem of other creatures.

5. Why is tree planting important?
The act of planting a tree holds numerous benefits. It is considered a form of charity, as those who plant trees are rewarded for the fruits, shade, and shelter that trees provide. Trees not only contribute to a cleaner environment but also offer homes to various creatures, showcasing their significance beyond just oxygen production.


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