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Volkanovski Vs Islam Full Fight Video

Volkanovski Vs Islam Full Fight Video


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans were treated to an intense showdown as Alexander Volkanovski faced off against Islam in a highly anticipated match. Both fighters brought their A-game, showcasing their skills and determination in the octagon. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the Volkanovski Vs Islam full fight, discussing the highlights, techniques employed by both fighters, and the ultimate outcome of the bout.


1. Background and Pre-Fight Analysis

Prior to the fight, both Volkanovski and Islam had established themselves as formidable fighters in their respective divisions. Volkanovski, a reigning champion in the featherweight category, held an impressive track record, while Islam had been making waves in the lightweight division. The clash between the two promised to be a battle for dominance and an opportunity to ascend higher in their careers.

Leading up to the fight, the pre-fight analysis centered around the contrasting styles of the fighters. Volkanovski, known for his exceptional striking ability and strong wrestling background, possessed a well-rounded skill set that had proven to be lethal against his opponents. On the other hand, Islam was renowned for his grappling prowess and submission game, which had seen him easily dispatch his adversaries in previous fights.

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2. The Fight

The fight began with both fighters taking a cautious approach, studying each other’s movements and looking for openings. Volkanovski utilized his striking techniques to keep Islam at bay, while Islam showcased his defensive skills, avoiding any significant damage. As the rounds progressed, Volkanovski started to assert his dominance with his powerful strikes, landing clean shots that visibly affected Islam.

Despite the adversity, Islam managed to display his resilience, using his grappling expertise to execute takedowns and control the fight on the ground. Volkanovski, aware of the danger, showcased his exceptional takedown defense, preventing Islam from fully capitalizing on his grappling advantage. This back-and-forth battle between the two fighters in terms of striking and grappling made for an exhilarating and unpredictable match-up.

As the fight approached the championship rounds, both athletes began to show signs of fatigue. However, their determination never wavered, and they continued to push forward, trading blows and grappling for advantageous positions. The final minutes of the fight showcased the heart and determination of both fighters, as they gave their all in a bid to emerge victorious.

3. Outcome and Analysis

When the final bell rang, signaling the end of the fight, the crowd erupted in applause for both fighters, who had delivered a spectacular performance. The judges’ decision was eagerly awaited, as it could potentially crown a new champion or solidify Volkanovski’s reign. After a tense few moments, the judges unanimously declared Volkanovski the winner, solidifying his dominance in the featherweight division.

The fight was a true display of skill, heart, and determination from both fighters. Volkanovski’s striking ability and takedown defense proved to be the decisive factors in this bout. However, Islam’s grappling showcased his incredible skillset and ability to hold his own against a fierce opponent. This fight will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most thrilling battles in MMA history.

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The Volkanovski Vs Islam full fight lived up to the expectations of fans around the world. Both fighters showcased their capabilities, leaving no doubt about their place among the elite in their respective divisions. Volkanovski’s victory underscored his status as a formidable featherweight champion, while Islam’s performance solidified his position as a top contender.

The battle inside the octagon between Volkanovski and Islam will go down as an epic clash, celebrated for years to come. It served as a reminder of the unforgiving nature of MMA and the dedication required to succeed at the highest level of the sport. Fans can only hope for more thrilling matchups like this in the future, as the sport continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


1. Where can I watch the full fight between Volkanovski and Islam?

The full fight between Volkanovski and Islam can be watched on various MMA streaming platforms or through official broadcast networks. It is recommended to check authorized streaming services or websites to access the fight legally.

2. How long did the fight last?

The Volkanovski Vs Islam fight lasted for a total of five rounds, with each round lasting five minutes. This accounted for a twenty-five-minute battle between the two fighters.

3. Did any significant moments occur during the fight?

Throughout the fight, there were several standout moments. Some of the significant highlights included Volkanovski’s powerful strikes and Islam’s impressive takedowns. Both fighters displayed their exceptional skills, making it a memorable fight for fans.

4. What is next for both fighters?

Following his victory, Volkanovski is expected to defend his featherweight title against other top contenders in the division. On the other hand, Islam will continue to strive for success in the lightweight division, aiming to secure higher-ranked opponents and pave his way to a potential title shot.

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